L-list #14: The Awkward Yeti

My current favourite web-comic, The awkward yeti 
who adds humour to body parts explaining why they react in certain ways.
I thought this one was especially apt since this being National Curry Week, *evil laughter*!


Bake #11: Baked Cheesecake

One of H's birthday cakes - from a wonderful baked cheesecake recipe


L-list #13: Halloween

Lately, the drop in temperature is a clear sign that winter is coming. Before that, let's not forget Halloween.
Not that we do much for it anyway, being British and lazy, haha.
But, I loved the food styling ideas taken from the Waitrose and Tesco magazines respectively. 

Firstly, Jack o Lantern Tangerines!
A clever spin as you don't have to purchase a pumpkin but nonetheless fun and healthy! 

And ghostly pears, 
you could even pouch them in wine for a assortment of colours!


Scotland #44: Loch Venachar

The grey, misty mountains can only mean one thing...
 Hello Autumn! 


Bake #10: My first loaf

My first white bread loaf!
Need to work on improving my scoring technique. 



Melbourne #03: Touchwood

A sweet brunch with even sweeter company 


London #17: Toconoco

Toconoco - a hidden gem
Simple yet delicious food surrounded with the joy of family
Thanks K



Italy #15: Farewell

Bidding farewell from above Lake Como


Italy #14: Shockolat Milan

  • There was no end to good gelato when we were in Italy but Shockolat was my favourite gelato store in Milan. Centrally located, rich, creamy and full of different chocolate flavours, it was truly a chocolate lover's paradise!