Tokyo #28: Anime dedications

Some of the prettiest and cutest temple dedications I've seen 

Tokyo #27: USApyon

Met USApyon of Yo-Kai Watch, haha!
Turns out he is a otter, not a rabbit! 

Tokyo #26: Kanda Myojin Shrine


Drink #01: Matcha latte

Marking the start of exam revision with caffeine! 


Cook #03: Chocolate Porridge

My best discovery of 2014... Chocolate Porridge! 

I used to think of porridge as very bland and not versatile but thanks to Jamie
all that is now in the past. Hello Chocolate porridge, my guilt-free winter morning indulgence!

P.S Milo works well too! 


Bake #12: Profiteroles

Christmas Baking: Profiteroles filled with pistachio cream!

We used the recipe courtesy of BBC Food and are glad to report back that the profiteroles were very well received at parties! 


London #20: Flowers of Liberty

Loved this paper installation at Liberty. 


Scotland #45: The Ubiquitous Cone

The Ubiquitous Cone of Glasgow 


L-list #14: The Awkward Yeti

My current favourite web-comic, The awkward yeti 
who adds humour to body parts explaining why they react in certain ways.
I thought this one was especially apt since this being National Curry Week, *evil laughter*!


Bake #11: Baked Cheesecake

One of H's birthday cakes - from a wonderful baked cheesecake recipe


L-list #13: Halloween

Lately, the drop in temperature is a clear sign that winter is coming. Before that, let's not forget Halloween.
Not that we do much for it anyway, being British and lazy, haha.
But, I loved the food styling ideas taken from the Waitrose and Tesco magazines respectively. 

Firstly, Jack o Lantern Tangerines!
A clever spin as you don't have to purchase a pumpkin but nonetheless fun and healthy! 

And ghostly pears, 
you could even pouch them in wine for a assortment of colours!


Scotland #44: Loch Venachar

The grey, misty mountains can only mean one thing...
 Hello Autumn!